Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What makes bittorrents execellent?

What makes BitTorrent so excellent, and what is it's purpose?

bittorrent is the ultimate tool for 0-7 day hot software like Linux ISO images, movies, tv-series, music and anything else which can be stored digitally for that matter.

Each .torrent file has a hard-coded tracker address all the clients connects to upon starting the transfer. Each client constantly reports back to the tracker all the chunks it has received and therefore can send others. A torrent becomes unusable if the tracker stops responding, and they usually do. A torrent also turns to wasted space when there are no users with 100% of the file (called seeders) left.

Bittorrent clients will only give you a good download speed if the other people who are downloading it give you a good upload speed. This can make some torrents slow, so please keep your bittorrent client running with the torrent open for 24 hours or as long as possible after you have finished downloading yourself.

It is very easy to find torrents for tv-series, movies and other fun on the Internet using search engines. You can search Google by searching for keyword filetype:torrent. USENet is a good place to get torrents for misc things. epguides is a good place to find tv-shows release dates.

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